Psychology & Coaching Services​

“The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.” – (Sioux Legend)

The journey of self discovery and healing involves a willingness to explore the relationship between mental and physical health.

It’s not just about categorising your abilities and liabilities, rather it is a focused attention to observe yourself with honesty and compassion, without judgment. Kati helps people to remember to have loving kindness towards themselves as a method to heal past hurt, traumas and the shoulds that many imprison themselves with. 

Often people come to Kati with the intention of wanting to be fixed. Kati supports her clients to comprehend that all prosperity, health, life, joy and abundance is available to them with the arrangement of resetting kinder, and more realistic goals and intentions for themselves. To make choices that allow for becoming more harmonious and for natural talents to shine. 

My areas of expertise at a glance

  • Conflict resolution and communication
  • Emotion and thought management
  • Anxiety education and management
  • Depression and mood management
  • Trauma
  • Motivation and self-care
  • Change and transition

We are an evolving species.

Relationships evolve, bodies evolve and as living beings, we are often left wondering how to go about embracing the change that is evolving around us. Instead of embracing change, many resist, which causes stress, anxiety and tension.

Coaching is less about having someone tell us what to do and more around having a support team to assist us and navigate the changes that are inevitable in order for us to become the best, happiest and most fulfilled version of ourselves.

Coaching with Kati creates space for you through-out the change process, so that you can birth your transformation with kindness and compassion with the tools that are needed to manifest your deepest desires.

Group Coaching Services are also available, they include:

  • Mindfulness Workshops
  • Stress management Workshops

  • Women’s Circles
  • Self Compassion Workshops

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